Hey there!

My name is Laure Dhont, a 21 year old girl from Brussels, Belgium. I’m happy that you are visiting my blog ! Let me tell you something about myself first. I have two older sisters and a younger brother. For the moment, I still live with my parents, but I’m looking forward to move in with my boyfriend! At this moment, I’m figuring out my life, what I want to become later. I want to do so many things! Hopefully I will find it soon! 

I started this blog because I really, really like clothes. I don’t really wear extraordinary clothes, but I like to experiment with clothes and make nice outfits. Do you know the feeling when you read a nice blog and you want to buy the outfit but it is too expensive? Well, you’re a lucky person then! On this blog, I will give you some inspiration how to look great with a low-budget-outfit. I also give you some tips and tricks how to style a clothing piece in a few different ways, so you don’t always look the same! Hope you get inspired by my blog! My biggest dream will be that I can create my own brand… Wish me luck 😉 

Also, I like to have all my memories saved. Later I want to show my kids what I did in my life, how life was during my younger years,… I’m also really bad at showing my feelings to others, so maybe this would help me write them down.

Enjoy my blog and feel free to send me some tips!